English Translation by Mindy Matice
Amor Errado - Wrong Love (1)
Luy Zaga - Cacá Moraes

This is how we are.
You are part of me,
and I am your other half.
And in the love we make,
there is something
that makes us long to be together again.

And so, like this, we begin again...
Sharing all of our madness in bed
diving into this crazy love
which is everything for us.

I am the one who is your love affair,
your pleasure, your flavor,
your anti-hero.
I am your no, your yes.
Come stay with me
for I am your end and your beginning.

When our night comes,
I will love you again
like someone who is in love with life,
and feels his life is about to end,
this secret passion
full of dreams and fears,
But which is everything to me.

I know that for the two of us,
there is no later,
and everything is in the moment.

But then, someone else comes and takes my place,
and now, he’s your man, your pair,
sharing your heart with you.

Luy Zaga - Cacá Moraes

Suddenly, I decide to go with you,
and walk down the street - just for fun.
I always want to be with you
walking through life together
with our faces together, sweating and wet
from so many kisses
when suddenly we’ll stop and look up at the sky - just for fun.

We stop anywhere
and admire whatever we find.
We stop and make everything more beautiful.
The sensation of just being in love-
makes us forget everything around us,
so we stop and make everything more beautiful.

Arnaldo Zulli

Look into my eyes, and let me look into yours
and understand that this is how we are.
Every moment this crazy world makes less sense,
so let’s leave it all and free ourselves.
When your heart beats, I begin to realize
and i’ll asure you, that love is no secret for us
When my pulse begins to race, the door opens,
so you can find your way to me.

You felt me, and I felt you so close to me.
In a brief moment of ecstasy,
we lost ourselves, and let each moment pass into the wind.
We need to find that peace.
Let’s fall in love right now-
like the sunset falls into the sea,
like the clouds fall and embrace the Corcovado.
Fall sweetly into my arms
and open your arms to me.
Look into my eyes, and understand that this is how we are.

Julio São Paio

I lay in bed and think of you
I close my eyes and hear your voice
And what is left among my thoughts it’s the look in your eyes
and the sweet presence of you.

Time has gone by, but has not taken away
Our desire to stay as one.
It remains in our hearts,
And we cannot let it go.

In my darkest hours, I tried to find
reasons to let you go once and forever-
You, a fire that embraces and warms me up
who brought the pleasure that took away my pain.

Here I am in the middle of desire,
and what was left is my heart.
All the rest has gone without even saying goodbye-
it promised to come back, but forgot.

My address is wherever you are
I dream of us in paradise with love and jasmine,
heat nights, afternoons and mornings,
my kisses on you - yours on me.

Our song will never find an end
if fate decides that this must be.
And then, who am I to say don’t go?
And who are you to say don’t leave?

José Ari - Pedro Camargo

Never say that again
and stop crying.
Girl, tell me that
for all your life
you are going to want me,
and I swear,
I will do the same.

Don’t be sad like that
forget about what happened
forget about why you’ve cried.
This sad face
doesn’t look good on you.
It’s time to get ready for love,
for love is about to arrive.

Girl, I have also cried
all because of love,
but after we live a little
we finally learn
that we don’t resolve anything through tears.

Luy Zaga - Vicente Amar

I like you the way you are
with or without your faults
for this is the way I like to love you.

I like your strange ways.
I even like the problems
that you, my friend, bring me.

I like your irresponsible ways,
and love you even when you deceive me
and cause me all of this pain.

I like it when your mouth kisses me,
even though the kiss is a lie
only an illusion of love.

I love you and I’m happy
with all the lies you tell me
and with all the bad things you do to me.

I will love you for all of my life - until the end
for I love you even more than I love myself.

Julio São Paio - Ely Goulart

Every time I see you
I always burn with the desire to be with you.
Everything about you fascinates me, and stirs up all my emotions.
Your look is like a fire that burns in my heart, a temptation.

When you look at me, I don’t need anything else.
If you don’t even notice me then I want more.
I want you to stop trying to avoid me
for I can see on your face an invitation to come, to stay.

Why play this game
when I already see the desire?
Come and kiss me, don’t leave it all up in the air.

I can’t wait even a little longer.
This split, this thirst, this fire.
Come on, if you give up on this game,
you know that you are going to win.

Julio São Paio - Axel Rippol

Rising from this instant love -
A sudden dream
with a train, a road, a subway,
a name, a face, a gesture, or the word - always.
Lighting up a cigarette, a car breaks down,
and someone walks past saying,
"Life could be better."
Yet, you don’t even notice me, standing alone,
and in the mystery of this desire, I lose my vision of you.
You wave goodbye as though from an airplane,
and break my heart.
I ride on a rocket to offer you the sun.
What is going to become of us?
Separated, isolated, fed up and lonely.
One of these days, I will meet you there at that corner
by the cafe!

Julio São Paio

We only have to begin,
and we are up in the air with love
Moving from touch to touch,
we learn a little better
that everywhere we are is beautiful.

Waves of pleasure,
keep me beside you
traveling from kiss to kiss.
We say whatever we want
using all of our senses to speak.

And nothing is more important,
because whenever I close the door
you are there to turn me on and to warm me.
So, our peace returns again,
and everything around us changes.

Starting from nothing,
our bodies invent everything anew.
The floor becomes like velvet,
and our hands make magic together.